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NYC 2019

Ah, NY. You stole my heart.

You know that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie is dating her city? So runs around New York by herself so enthralled with it and comparatively decides - she doesn't need a man, the city is her date.

Well the city takes a dump on her and she realizes she was fooling herself. It was rude, dismissive and abusive.

I didn't see that side of the city.

I had the greatest adventure there.

There are so many highlights but I will say my truly favorite moments were

1. taking the train

2. #BKbagels I have never had a bagel here like I had in Brooklyn

3. our Air B and B and host went far beyond expectations

4. #bathtubgin the cutest burlesque show I have ever seen, cocktails were PHENOMENAL

5. #Coneyisland - The ocean is my second home, I think I was a mermaid in a previous life

6. #julianaspizza - I always assumed NY pizza was just a lotta is NOT, the best pizza I have had by far.

7. 911 Memorial #911memorial - very sobering and sad. I was sobbing almost the whole time and I asked Ryan at the end "How is everyone not sobbing hysterically at this" and Ryan said the sweetest damn thing to me. He said "You are the most empathetic person I know when it comes to human loss and it never leaves you, that is why you are sobbing, Don't ever change"

8. St. Patrick's Catacombs #stpatrickscatacombs I love my religion so much and I love seeing Catholic churches all over the country, but this was a history lesson more than a religion lesson and I loved every minute of it. Our guide was #leo and he was a gem!

9. #bokenbowbrewery - When filming #prariepints with my brother, friend and husband Tyler and I learned from #kinkaiderbrewing that there was a family from Broken Bow, NE that opened a brewery in Tuckahoe, NY. The more we talked the more we learned and it turns out it is a #burnett which is our family on my dad's side. I didn't even know they existed, so the first stop on our list of what to do was to meet them. AND BOY AM I GLAD I GOT TOO!

Kathy's dad was my dad's first cousin and they all were so welcoming and kind and funny and just happy to have us there! They just were the greatest and I hope they all make a trek out here sometime so we can see them again.

10. Sunday in Brooklyn #sundayinbrooklyn I follow them on Instagram and they have the most amazing food!

11. being with my best friend, If my mom would have been there too it would have been the bees knees!

I was nervous about NYC, I thought - I just want to relax and drink beers. I thought it would be too chaotic but it was extremely relaxing and just enjoying the life Ryan and I have created together needed to be celebrated.

I am not sure how to upload phone photos here so I will only be posting a handful of images from our trip since I really did take a break from all WORK.

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