Love is the thing ya know? 


Capturing couples and wedding days go hand in hand. Couples are the promise of happily ever after. It brings sweet joy to my soul to be able to capture two people who fell in love, make a promise to be together and follow through on that promise. 

The fun thing about shooting couples is I go at it as a lifestyle photographer, which means yes I can capture you in a field or on a downtown street, but what about your favorite coffee shop or local bakery? 

What about documenting a date night? 

That is what I love about being a lifestyle photographer, is capturing you just as you are in your own elements.

My style with couples is playful and fun. (Think: Ally and Noah from the Notebook) 

 I love capturing lovebirds just being them, I want couples to laugh and play and touch and just "nest" into the love they have found.  

Let me capture your love story!

Engagement photographer in Lincoln, Nebraska