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meet Shadlee
(also, my bodacious hubby!)

Fun Facts:

  • now that I am in my 40's I have esophagus issues where I can only drink cold brew coffee. 

  • My husband and I are craft beer enthusiasts and made a documentary movie about craft beer in Nebraska called Prairie Pints.

  • When I was in 7th grade I told everyone that my mom and Fiona Apple's mom were besties. To this day I don't know why I said that.


The story of me...It is a classic tale of  a small child with wild like wonder.


It involves a Princess, Queen and King and an evil, evil villain.


Who wants to ruin the kingdom.

Just kidding, it is actually much simpler than that. 

I was born on a stifling cold winter day in January of 1983. My mother and her Doctor fought tirelessly over which day I would make my debut.

My Mother claimed the 5th and the doctor claimed the 6th.  

My mother is always right and this was no exception, she did not boast she just smiled sweetly. 

I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and love it more each day. It is big, but small. Quiet, but rambunctious. I believe it is perfect parts big city and small town. 

I met the man who I believe to be my soul mate in September of 2009 and we were married March of 2011, quick but accurate. 

Ryan and I love craft beer, bike rides and road trips. 


Lincoln, Nebraska


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