Senior Photography

I had a mom cry as she opened the luxury album of her baby girls senior photos. I offer complimentary hair and make up for senior girls and this particular girl chose to have curls. 

There was one photo in particular that I had captured the senior tucking her curls behind her ear and laughing as the sun set hit just right, the mom was stunned at this image as she could completely recall a moment when she curled her little girls hair at the age of 7, her curls bouncing as she ran around, laughing and …you guessed it,  laughing as she tucked her curls behind her ear! This mom said she will not always associate me with that memory when she sees this senior photo, what a compliment!


Memories play a critical roll in our happiness and our lives.  This is why I love photography so much, I am offering families a way to always hold on to this fleeting moment, forever. 

Senior Photography, Lincoln NE