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To have and to hold

My brother said I do on October 17th, 2020. It was a beautiful day filled with warmth and than a frigid wind blew threw around 7pm.

I never dreamed I was going to meet Ryan, I prayed, hoped and wished for it but if ever asked if I thought that "one" was out there, I would make a joke about how I was too fickle anyhow for just one. I would usually be wounded after that knowing how I desperately wanted it inside but also really trying to accept it may not be. Not unlike my infertility, even now I still have to make a joke about it for others to be "comfortable again" once I tell them I am infertile.

Life before Ryan was blah. bleak. uneventful.

Tyler's life before Sherri, though I like to pretend he loved hanging out with Ryan and I all the time and that we were "enough" was also somewhat bleak I am sure.

His best man Scott said it best. "Sherri isn't marrying him for his hair, because he lost it all worrying over the friends and family he loved. She wasn't marrying him for his money becuase he didn't have any as he spent all his money on ones he loved"

Tyler has always been a giver. We have that in common for sure. We would and have gone broke taking care of ones we love.

His child like excitement...and crabbiness, his acceptance of ones he loves and even those he doesn't love can be so moving.

What a beautiful couple and a beautiful day!

I am glad he found someone to make his soul soar, salante!

Makeup and Hair: Elle Esthetics, Lincoln Nebraska

Food: Jesus Martinez

Cake: Abby Hoch

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