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Warrior Mama

Updated: Jan 30

Meet this beautiful family of three. Liz, T.J. and Vinnie have a wonderful life full of love, fun and music. Specifically, Disney songs.

They met with me earlier this week and we jammed out to frozen, the little mermaid and I think the Lion King? Personally, my favorite is the Little Mermaid, and it is Vinnie's too!

His beautiful mama sang so sweetly as she snuggled her son the words to "part of your world"

Her story is a beautiful story of fierce love and attention on her incredibly adorable son Vinnie! His smile lights even a sunny day and his eyes are the most striking bright blue I have ever seen. EVER. he has vivid blonde hair as well and he loves music. He truly is a kiddo after my own heart.

Liz and T.J. also have a beautiful relationship. They are playful, fun, lighthearted and roll with it!

Liz, T.J. and little Vinnie thank you for all the fun!

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