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Winter Family Sessions

Are you a snow session family? If you are stay tuned!

"I smell snow" Is one of my favorite lines from the one and only, Loralie Gilmore.

This post is about making a winter session the best it can be. These sessions can be trickier because not only should your wardrobe be cohesive, but it also helps when a family's winter gear has some sense of cohesiveness too.

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The Break Down for Winter Family Sessions:

I love when families bring all their winter gear for a photo session such as scarf, cute hats and mittens - It can really elevate the look.

A simple trick when taking snow photos is to have no one wear a work coat and everyone button up their coats (creating cohesiveness even if the coat colors or style don't match) but add on hats, mittens and scarves and everyone looks adorable!

I do always try to get a couple shots without winter gear which is why it's still important how you dress underneath your coat!

Book your snow session today! Just click here!

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