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Family Matters - Our Little Ones

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This session... was just different. It hit me different. It made me feel different and really brought out why I do what I do, the way I do it.

For you to understand this let's go back to 2015 - I was desperately, obsessively and probably manically trying to have a family with the love of my life. Nothing was working and nothing was ever going to work because as it turns out, I was never able to have children. I have a tube missing and one is blocked; we went down all avenues and ultimately decided our little family of 2 (and some plants - Ryan would hate that I am saying plants like they are kids) was going to be our little "fam bam."

This session made me remember so vividly after all that - what my new mission in photography was and how desperate I was to create it. It was capturing and documentary the chaos, the snuggles, the not listening, the joyful giggles, the not paying attention, the running to your dad, the spins, the play and the love.

Because your little ones are only this little for a little while. Why wouldn't you be desperate to capture their little hands in yours and running into your arms with so much force they almost knock you down, or the way they land in your lap. They are little only a little while.

Pictures can be taken on phones absolutely and should, but you, dear sweet mama (and you know I am talking to you) if you can... Book the session while they are still small enough to snuggle tight and their natural state is still joy.

These photos are going to make a killer album and this as just a mini session!

What a blessing it is when they are only little once, to be able to capture that for my families. It is my biggest honor.

Book your family session to document these moments forever! Book Your Session | Shadlee Meinke Photography

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