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Snuggles and Twirls

Updated: Jan 30

This sweet family holds a special place to me, these parents belong to a sweet soul from high school and have hired me a couple times for family photos. They are the sweetest - full of life, laughter and love. This couple is #goals. I asked them if they wanted to dance on camera or kiss (wink) and they did both without hesitation. I love capturing authentic moments of love through your actions. A twirl here, a snuggle there. I love it!

Flora and I spoke a little bit about how blessed we are to just have loving, caring men in our lives who take care of us. She is lucky indeed, but so is he. They have Liam to keep them on their toes and while he was hard to pull out some of his personality - I think we nailed it by playing a couple games!

Thank you for trusting me with your love story.

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