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How to Prepare for a Lifestyle Session with 6 tips

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

What is a lifestyle session? Its where I come to your home, and we create love and magic where you spend most your days.

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Shadlee Meinke Photography - Lifestyle Family Photos

Here are some quick tips so you have the most magical lifestyle experience.

  1. Decide what you want to do: This is your session about your family so you can choose anything really but here are some ideas: Living room dance party, baking, making breakfast with kids, drinking coffee, breastfeeding, reading the paper, watering plants, game playing, snuggles in bed, kid play in kid's rooms. (We love a good bed jumping photo!)

  2. Tidy up: This does not mean a massive overhaul of cleaning, any areas that have a lot of natural light (windows, doors) is where I will want to be. Think of it like this, anything that doesn't add to the final image will distract from it. I just say try to have toys put away, beds made, and surfaces cleared. I also enjoy the touch of fresh flowers somewhere. **if kiddos get toys back out, don't stress - let it go and I will work around it. This session is about your families love and laughter and home life. It's perfectly ok to not be perfect!

  3. Include pets, because they are FAMILY.

  4. Cozy clothes: the vibe here is real life, so I always mention lounge clothes that are neutral in tones (jeans, leggings, t shirts, sweaters, blacks, greys, whites, earth tones)

  5. Play some of your favorite music, this puts everyone at ease and its good for the soul!

  6. RELAX, do not stress and it's ok to let your kids be themselves. This is their home that they are comfortable and happy in, and it should show! It's actually quite perfect if they are hyped up and having lots of laughs! Makes for happy photos.

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