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Updated: Jan 30

I got very blessed marrying into a family that is loving and engaging.

Ryan's family is so great, if we need them, they are always there. There is no drama or family dynamics that are weird, we all genuinely like and get along with one another.

I have also been blessed by the family his brother married into, I am lucky to have Jessie. She is truly just the nicest person and her whole family is like this. loving, kind, engaging. joyful.

There are few things I love more than capturing your unique love story!

There is that song, "all because two people fell in love" by Brad Paisley, do you know it?

I am not a huge country bumpkin, but this song popped into my head as I was editing and really resonated with me. This family, all families are because of a love story that starts with two people and friends... that is magical!

I had so much fun with this group yesterday, I have a game I have always wanted to try with couples but hadn't been able to yet and I got not one, not two, BUT THREE couples to try it yesterday. It was so fun to capture!

I am so happy I was able capture the love of this family and I am so honored they hired me.

You all are just wonderful souls, and I am so thankful I get to know you!

Here is a sneak peek of all the fun!

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