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Fall Family Fun

Updated: Jan 30

I love all things fall, Ryan and I went on a walk recently and I made him stop and close his eyes and listen as the dead leaves rustled in the trees being blown by the wind.

It is one of my favorite sounds, it's refreshing, humbling and somehow breathes life back into my soul. I have known pain. Real pain and real loss. I don't know why but fall always refreshes me, fixes me, saves me.

This fall has been no different, the other upside of fall is photographing families in sweet fall colors and sharing in their joy and love as a family.

I know Sara and Trevor from church and have just really enjoyed getting to know them, they are kind, hardworking and faith first people!

Here are just a few of my favorites we captured together!

*Extra thank you to Sara for hiring me in the month of October where 10% of proceeds are being donated to, I've got a Name foundation in Lincoln, NE to help end human trafficking.

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