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CSS Auction Winners

Updated: Jan 30

I give back every year because I am so grateful to God to have a side business that gives me an outlet. I don't have little ones to care for, I work full time and while I have a wonderful marriage and family if I didn't have an artistic outlet, I would go mad.

I have never wanted to be someone who "went to work, came home, went to work came home" I have always wanted a purpose for my life and with photography I believe I have found it.

Every year I auction off at least two photo sessions with a nonprofit, this year I was lucky enough to not only auction for Catholic Social Services, but also, I've got a name!

This Family was just. so. wonderful. The couple is beautiful, and kind and it is obvious they raised wonderful children as well.

I was so excited to meet and photograph them, I had so much fun, and I hope they did too!

Here's a few of my faves!

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