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Beautiful Family

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

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Whenever I speak to a potential client about a session with me, one question pops up a lot. They are unsure what to wear! However, I tell them not to worry because I have a style guide that I send once you book in.

The look I love the most is long flowy dresses for the ladies of all ages and button ups or polos for the guys. These items are timeless - lots of families are worried about everyone not wanting to participate in dress up (I personally love getting all dolled up) but I know it can be stressful and with Shadlee Meinke Photography it doesn't have to be.

I say "Mom, pick out what you feel beautiful and gorgeous in to build off of for the family clothes" and this family nailed the look! It was so fun to spend time with them. They are fun, vibrant and up for anything.

I had so much fun capturing this family!

Take a look at our Family Gallery for more photos or learn more about our Family Photo Sessions!

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