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Moody Moments

I have the most gorgeous people in my life, inside AND out. I am so blessed by friends and family who have supported this journey and I got a real special one for ya today.

This couple made me swoon.

Their outfits? YES

That lipstick? GAWD YES!


I got so many intimate, beautiful, tender truly happy moments with these two and it was so ooey gooey I haven't come down off cloud 9!

The way they interacted and reacted to one another was just such a dream. I found a few of my new favorite go to prompts. I received a text message regarding these photos talking about how happy they look. It made my soul sing, isn't that the point? When you look at your wall of professional photos you have had taken and you can look back at those moments and FEEL the love? That is the best gift I could give the world and I am so DAMN happy this is my job!

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