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Hot Child in the City

Updated: Jan 31

Literally, so freaking hot in the city!


We just got back from 8 days in NYC, it was truly inspiring and epic. Ryan and I got to forget about everything for 8 days and just wander together. Which is our favorite way to be!

I will be sharing photos I took later, honestly, I did not take many. That's because for the first time since I found out I was infertile...I felt whole again. Like actually, truly not sobbing every day at my desk, in the shower, in my car or in the bathroom. I felt like maybe God's plan is fine and if I am not meant to have children, at least I have my family with Ryan. Ryan is all I need, he is all I have and all I want, I am truly (hopefully) feeling better almost daily about not having children, so I wanted to just soak in each other and our adventures and space out there without hiding behind my camera or making our vacation about my work. Ever since I was 15, I have had 2 or 3 jobs at a time, always. I have never not had a part time gig (sometimes 2 or 3), so I really wanted to disconnect this vacation and just obsess over where we were and who I was with, and I did!

I love this man with my entire being, friends have come and gone, my constant besides my family has been Ryan, He has never abandoned me in a bad situation, he has never not listened to my feelings, he has never not forgiven me when I have wronged him, he has never given up on me or made me feel inferior to him, he has never been rude to me, he has never not validated me or my feelings. He has never tossed me aside. He carries me, he keeps me, he loves me in a way I never knew could exist.

If I only have him...I truly have everything.

With that being said, I was smart enough to book a session with a wonderful, beautiful spirit named Natalia Wajda! Insta: @nataliafries

This post is some of my favorite images of us she captured.

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