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Amanda and Joe Married

Updated: Jan 31

This year has been hard for celebrations, brides and grooms have had to rearrange, reschedule and replan their incredibly beautiful day that tells the love story they found.

Because of Covid.

There really isn't anything to say other than it sucks, it sucks so bad.

While this couple had to replan things ultimately it was a wonderful day full of love and fun.

Amanda and Joe are perfect together, he is strong, and she is beautiful.

Joe said something that really resonated with me at the reception.

He said, "I want you all to know your here because you are family" Joe strikes me as the type of person who is fiercely loyal once he allows you into his group. I love that.

Amanda, Joe and Sophia I am so happy for your family to be united in marriage and love.

Here are just a few of my faves from the day.

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