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A Day of Perfection

Updated: Jan 31

So, you know those moments where your life changes for the better? Where everything comes together effortlessly and simply. Where it's kismet really?

Ladies and Gentlemen that happened to me on Saturday.

Andrea and Derrick met with me in February to discuss potentially hiring me for their exquisite, swoon worthy wedding day. We laughed over some Boiler Brewing Co. beers and talked about how they met and their plans for the day.

It was kismet, they like craft beer, Andrea is Irish (back story - I am obsessed with Ireland - to the point that I told my now husband I was 50% Irish...I still don't know why I did that, but he knows the truth now) AND they are just a really adorable couple in love with the simple things life has to offer like friendship, love and family.

I was panicked over the possibility of downpour on their day and prayed like a psycho. I think I said an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be daily for 14 days.

My prayers were answered as it was the perfect day filled with love, hope, honor and excitement.

Derrick and Andrea - thank you for letting me share your journey to forever!

Photography: Shadlee Meinke Photography

Dress: Chic Nostalgia

Tuxes: Tip Top Tux

Hair: @mollyannstylist

Makeup: Sephora

Venues: Hazel Abel Park and Iron Horse

Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes

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