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Styling for Significant Other's

A couple weeks ago I talked about how mom should plan her look and what makes her feel beautiful and then have the rest of the family work around her for your family photo session with Shadlee Meinke Photography.

This week were talking about the other half:

Let's be honest, there are about a thousand things most Significant Other's would rather do than have a family photo session, I have learned over the years though that for most of them the stress comes from having high expectation and the worry about not doing it "right" So it's time to set their mind at ease. 

Let them know that the best thing they can do is simply to enjoy the family and let ME do my job. Show them some photos on my website so they know expectations is more relaxed and playful. Let them know how much this means to you and how appreciative you are for them being such a great team player. 

Keep in mind "rested and fed" applies to adults too! :) :)

I am here to guide you all each step of the way, honestly. I won't stop guiding you!

my favorite compliment ever was a dad who said at the end of the session: "you made this completely painless" That is a big compliment!

Now how should you style them for the session:

Chinos or button-up shirts and Henley's look sharp, masculine and tailored in photos. Keep in mind that fitted slacks or khakis, as opposed to cargo styles and jeans look the most put together and photograph the best. 

Go ahead and mix it up by adding in a Neutral jacket, blazer, sportscoat or vest too! This is a great way to layer or add color or additional texture and gives Dad a nice polished, handsome look! 

Ready for your own session? Go ahead and click the button :)

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