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Noah, Lincoln East Senior

Let me set the scene.

Noah, a senior is busy modeling for me. I have him flipping his hair, fixing his hair, fixing his cuffs, hands in his pockets, arms crossed. "oh wait can you do that one more time" I say.

It is not easy being my model. I have ideas bouncing in my brain and sometimes I get so excited I have you standing, sitting, kneeling, changing a little too much!

It is worth it, Noah and I already had bonded a couple years ago when I did their family session. I like to think every teen I encounter just thinks I am the raddest, most fun person ever and Noah is no exception.

At one moment, I said "Oh ok Noah fix the buttons on your shirt a little, he grabbed them with both hands and it looked great, than I said ok now push your hair to the side a little. He did just that while still holding on to his button. I laughed as he than said "wait, am I still holding my shirt" It turned out to be a pretty great photo as it looks like he is in deep thought while fixing his hair, but the moment was so hilarious.

Noah is so hilarious, I can't wait to see what a great young adult he will become!

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