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Keegan, class of 2020

Updated: Jan 31

Ok, I have to back this up to my high school time before I get to Keegan's.

I went to Pius and while I loved it and am happy to have been there and ultimately did find really great friends, it was extremely clicky. I am sure all high schools are, but I feel like parochial schools may be a little more so.

I met this adorable girl freshman year who had super curly short hair and tons of raver beads and a bubbling personality named Alli. SHE WAS A DREAM. Honestly, the kindest girl, funny, sweet and just genuinely a good person.

I don't think she knows how much she helped me my freshman year, I was bullied bad, like really bad. My mom had double total knee replacement and I honestly thought she was not going to live and if you know me on a real level you know my mom is my life!

When I would be made fun outwardly in algebra or some awful comment about my weight was made in the hall, or threatened to be beaten pretty much for existing it was hard to keep a positive beat and not lose my shit. Alli was a breath of fresh air, something as simple as a smile or a "how are you?" from someone who I deemed to be very freaking cool, I don't know...kindness seems small and insignificant sometimes, but to the people you show kindness to it could be their saving grace. Alli was part of the reason I picked myself up and tried to love me regardless of what people said to me.

I am forever grateful to have known her.

Fast forward, I am into craft beer and we are always going to Lazlo's beer quest.

I didn't really know Lucy in high school, but she is Alli's older sister and just as cool and kind as Alli! So Lucy was always with Mike who brews phenomenal beer.

I always said hi to Lucy and chatted for a minute and asked about Alli.

Now flash forward again, Alli and I reconnected a little bit better in recent years over something sad. I was going to Colorado a couple summers ago and knew she was there and I told Ryan, I just want to make the effort to go a little further and see Alli, he obliged and we made the trek to Palisade and hung out for a day with her and I was so grateful we drank at the brewery and had lunch and I wish we would have hit up the distillery too.

Last Halloween this lovely lady Erin invited us to her Halloween party - where again I kind of got to chat with Lucy and Mike!

Lucy and Mike needed senior photos done for their delight of a son named Keegan. Who is just as cool and kind as his mom, dad and auntie.

I cannot say enough good things about this beautiful family. I believe Alli was specially placed in my life (we weren't besties or even in the same friend groups), but she always made me feel a part of something.

Keegan, you are an amazing soul, and I am excited for what your future holds!!

Mike and Lucy, you are beautiful hearts, and I am so thankful I got to be able to capture your love story as a couple and as a family!

Here are just a handful of my favorites from our time together!

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