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From Minnesota to Nebraska

Updated: Jan 31

I had this gorgeous girl reach out about doing a senior session at Sunken Gardens.

She asked what the gardens looked like in September - I told her I thought things may be done there by now, because I don't know anything about gardens and can barely keep my little house plants alive. :)

I heard back from her rather quickly on the date she wanted, and we got her booked.

The day before a photo session I try to send an email reminder about all the information and her mom responded that they had just gotten into town.


I was confused, assuming she was from Lincoln. At the session I asked where they were from and she said all the way from Minnesota, they drove straight the night before and were headed straight back after the session!

Now, I am not a liar. However, If I was a liar, I would tell you that they loved my work so much out of ALL the photographers in not only MN, but apparently throughout America because they traveled for me specifically, to Nebraska without a second thought.

As I mentioned I am not a liar.

Her sister attends school here, and they really just love Sunken Gardens, that is why they wanted them here.

I feel SO HONORED that they contacted ME out of all the amazing photographers here, and I was able to get them in quickly.

Feels like Fate.

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