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Senior Class of 2021

Updated: Jan 31

This is not a drill...

Your school year will be different than any other of your friends and likely relatives.

Life is changing and it is changing fast, gone are the carefree days of living life and enjoying it while we can.

2020 I can categorically say has been the actual worst year of my life. I never dreamed it could get so bad and I don't think it is going to get better anytime soon.

This life, how it is now is likely here to stay and like others before us. We have to role with the punches, I hate that my niece missed her first prom and likely will miss her last.

I hate that starting school this week she is on opposite days of all her friends, I hate how un normal everyday life is right now.

and yet, while I sound pessimistic or as I like to call it "realist" Ella also uses the term realist.

There are a lot of things I don't hate.

I don't hate God, my family or friends. I don't hate that I got to bond with Ella as my assistant at the last wedding I shot, I love that she became my niece by marriage, but my blood by choice and my friend by choice. I LOVED getting to shoot her senior session, I love getting to know her and learn from her and I love that for right now, everyone I love is ok.

I still love nice weather, fall leaves, make up, heels, craft beer, coffee, Amigos and plants.

I guess my point of this little rant is ya, it really actually sucks right now but if we can all keep carving out our little moments of joy, wherever we can and not let the world make us bitter and hateful... we just might dare I say? survive.

I see a lot of brightness in Ella's future, she has talked about an ivy league school that I don't doubt she can get into. Having known her for most of her life I can tell she is a steller human who will only in kind help others be steller.

My favorite part of our session was when I made her do a model type pose, I told her to humor me and grab her hat on both sides and scream as loud as she could - she just mouthed, classic Ella. but it was perfection and one of my favorite photos of the session!

Ella, you are such a blessing. I love being your aunt and am so thankful you family took me in as their own.

The most realist thing I know is that you are crazy amounts of joy and I love you!

Hair and Makeup Elle Esthetics

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