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 lifestyle portrait photography in home sessions are quickly becoming this family photographer girl's favorite ways to shoot, this is a perfect session for a family with a precious newborn, who wants moments captured, but doesn't want the sleeping posed babe images. Those have never been my forte. Those are cute, but I enjoy the moments more of a families obsession with a new perfect tiny, little human to love. After all, it is the greatest miracle!


This type of session is also great for anyone who loves their home and their family's day to day life in it and wants to capture what makes their family and story truly unique. This session also doesn't HAVE to be in your home. Lifestyle photography is about capturing your unique love story in a unique way. Some of the ways I love to to engage as a lifestyle photographer is a coffee shop, a brewery, an ice cream parlor, the zoo, a museum or even Target. If you are interested in a Lifestyle session we can discuss together what things you and your loved ones like to do and go from there.

Some fun things we can do in home is baking, play games, decorating the christmas tree, painting. There really are so many fun ways to capture your family's heart in your own home! 

Worried about inviting me into your home? Don't be! I can make most any space work and I have some tips and tricks for getting just the right image. 

Lifestyle Photographer in Lincoln, Nebraska