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The Boudoir Details 

At  Shadlee Meinke Photography, Shadlee specializes in wowing her boudoir clients with tasteful beauty that stands the test of time.  This is about celebrating YOU exactly as you are. 

This is not about perfection, every woman is beautiful and Shadlee showcases each stunning lady in their own individual way.

First take a minute to join my empowerment group on facebook called: Show Your Stunning Boudoir By Shadlee Meinke Photography, Self Acceptance 

It is chock full of stunning babes and is a place to showcase my work, inspire each other and show up for one another! (must be at least 21 years of age)

From the online booking process to our chats leading up to the day, and the pampering, empowering experience of getting all dolled up and waited on for hours while in studio - You will fall in love with the show you how perfect you are right now. 

Shadlee's number one goal is for you to see yourself through your partners eyes, through your best friends eyes, through your mothers eyes. 

To show you all the beauty that is already inside of you itching shake off her pants and see her for her! 

How will I know how to pose? Girl, I got you! I fine tune each pose and set we do to make sure you look perfect.

I will pose you down to your tippy toes. 

Do you Airbrush or Thin me up in Photoshop? During your same day reveal you will see photos unedited, sometimes a soft edit. Once you make finalize your order we will remove blemishes and soften skin. We will never edit your body unless it was previously discussed and honestly I always try to lean my clients away from that. YOU ARE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT and that is beautiful! 

Are you Nervous? Don't be! I hear from every SINGLE client, they are scared out of their mind to invest in them, see themselves in this way or just in general nervous about being less dressed in front of someone. Every client is nervous, it is totally normal. Walking out beaming ear to ear though about the fun day you and had and the GORGEOUS images you got makes it all worth it. Honestly, it is ok to be nervous...DO IT ANYWAY!

Boudoir Photographer

 Lincoln Nebraska

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