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Tears started welling up uncontrollably as I unwrapped the perfect box given to my by my personal attendant Jen from my soon to be Mr. on my wedding day. I opened the card with a message of being the only one, I will love you and I can not wait to call you wife. 


The gift wias a beautiful crystal 3 leaf clover, not only because I am "his lucky charm" but becuase I love Ireland, I love the heritage, I love the buildings, I love pretending I am Irish. :) 


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, although I tend to believe what matters most is the marriage after the wedding day. 

As your wedding photographer I will capture the hustle and bustle, the jammin to 80's while doing your make up with your best friends at the venue, the coffee runs, the first looks, the sheer joy and sometimes sheer terror, as you think of all thoses eyes on you. 


The day is such a whirlwind. It goes so fast and your memory can not maintain and keep all the special moments, sweet kisses and tender touches of your day! That is why you need someone behind the, to grab each scene and save it to a moment you can treasure forever. 

I got the greatest compliment from my last wedding couple, they said they kept going through the images and recalling their exact feelings at the moment I captured them. They said what a weird and exciting feeling it was to match memories in your mind with memories in your hands. 

Again, this is why I LOVE photography. 

moments and memories can fade with time. 

A photo of that moment and memory will last not only for you, but for your children and their children. 

Let's grab a drink, I want to hear all about your love story! 

Wedding photography in Lincoln, Nebraska 

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