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When you really are perfect the way you are

Everyone has that friend - the friend who is just stunning inside, but also mind boggling beautiful on the outside too.

They really struggle to see themselves reflected as the world views them. This has always been a struggle for me to witness. Friends who just anilaite who they are all day long. They don't have big enough boobs, their thighs have stretch marks, they hate their hair, they hate their nose, they hate their arms, their stomach, their feet, their calves.

It is exhausting isn't it? To hate so much of yourself? To let society dictate what is "okay" about you and what you should change?

The problem with letting society dictate whether you are good enough or not is that You will NEVER BE good enough. You physically will never be good enough and you know why?

No, it has NOTHING to do with you. Hollywood and society are FICKLE.

Think about it:

1920's: Bobs, no boobs, stick thin was the rage

1930's: a tiny bit more hips and curves were needed to be perfect, but not to much.

1940's busty and hips, tiny waist was what was hot

1950's tone down those curves a little bit.

1960: Twiggy age: small and straight

1970's: Tall and slender

1980's Thin and firm

1990's: the age of coke addiction rail thin

2000's: athletic, long and lean with the right size boobs and butt


But you can embrace who YOU are, so what are you waiting for?

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