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When you love you

I believe you love others more efficiently in all aspects of life.

When I started my Boudoir Business fully in 2019, I was a hot mess. I was depressed after finding out I was infertile. I hated most people and things and really needed the people in my life to help me through it, unfortunately in life the time and care you give doesn't always get returned and I found myself just accepting how my heart hated and stayed there for a few years.

It wasn't until I started shooting more boudoir sessions that a light sparked in me again. I felt so good showing my clients their photos and having them exclaim "THAT'S ME?!?!" with sincere shock and NO IDEA that they were beautiful. My heart burst when one client said "I have wasted my life hating who I was. Looking at these photos - I have no idea why"

There is a deep rooted love in me of bringing joy and care to others. I have always felt best stepping outside of me and helping others be happy. I forgot about that aspect of my personality for 5 years while I dwelled and obsessed over trying to have a baby.

I told a client recently, my whole life I thought I was meant to be a mom, I finally feel like I am where I belong. I wasn't meant to have children, but I was meant to empower, lift and inspire women to love themselves as they are this second of their journey and DAMNIT I think I am killin it!

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