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Wall art matters...

The best wall art you can have on in your homes are of you!

I tend to say this alot with clients and even with family and friends. I was made aware of how truly correct I was this past week with my mom. (I love being right, but this truly knocked my socks off)

My mother hates photographs of herself, hates being in photos, hates standing in front of the camera. TRULY despises it, which is why I only have a photo of her, Santa and I in a hideous sweat ensemble from the early 90's.

Her 80th birthday was in March and all she wanted was a photo of her and her 6 children that looked "just ok" she wasn't even asking me to try that hard. Just one mildly decent photo of everyone not whining or complaining, As it turns out EVERY SIBLING I have must gotten the hatred for photos gene from our mother.

I had to beg my siblings to give me 5 minutes and to "sorta kinda take direction" Which means I quickly had them in a line posed in a way that I thought would be effortless for my niece to snap. They resorted back to their natural stances in mere seconds which had me frustrated - just because I am the baby, doesn't mean they shouldn't listen to me once in a while.

While I was sad to see the perfect line I arranged fall so quickly out of place, my niece snapped 3 photos.

I chose the best one and ordered a 16X24 Canvas, all the while grappling with myself how my mom was going to hate it, because she is so critical of herself and how it was so not perfect in any way, the line was crooked, I was over the top as usual, Tyler and I had a gap between our bodies, Derek was stiff, Casey's glasses were dark, Shawn was stoic and the sun hit Bambi weird.

I delivered it, defeated.

I placed it above the fireplace mantel and then watched in sheer awe the look on my mother's face, she was thrilled. Ear to ear grinning and so in love with it and I honestly asked "why?"

Her response, Everyone's personality is shining through. You and Tyler are fun and goofy, Casey is happy, Derek is proud...she went on and on (and is still going on and on)

I am so glad I was able to do this for her as she has wanted something like this done with a large canvas for over 20 years.

This is why I say the greatest wall art you can have, is of your happy family.

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