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Throwback Series Part Five

Fourth of July!

I actually truly hate the day.

Here are just a few reasons why:

-My dad left on July 4th when I was 3. -There have been 3 times where a shot off of firework has tried to kill me.

-once was at a family friends where it fell over and shot into their garage right for me.

-the 2nd time was at my in laws where an ember tried to start me on fire.

-this happened again at my inlaws the following year

- our neighbors HUGE mega firework hit our foundation last year, sounded and felt like a bomb.

-I genuinely don't find it entertaining to have to listen to what sounds like war for 3 days in a row. It makes my heart ache for ones who hear it daily as part of their ongoing lives.

-people really act absurd on this holiday.

I get that it is a celebration of Freedom that I personally ALWAYS want to hold on to, think what you want of America at this point in time but if we start to let government control our every move....I don't want to be told I can't believe or do as I please. I don't think you do either. If we start to move to a socialist, communist country all that lost their lives for our freedom will have died in vain.

Last year I took my camera out to my families and didn't even think to get actual firework shots, but I got some random stuff so here it is

ready to book?

#fourthofjuly #independance #stopthenoise #america #lincolnnebraska #nebraska #lincoln #freedomisntfree

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