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That moment when you realize your voicemail box

Is full...and probably has been...for FOUR years.

Ugh, you ever have one of those moments?

You know, something suddenly dawns on you and A. you wonder how you never knew but B. you also wonder how many missed opportunities passed you by?

Well friends today was that day.

Let me start by saying if you know of people who couldn't get a hold of me please be so kind to let them know that my site is down and you can also share this most embarrassing story:

I had a client reach out last Monday that I didn't know had called until Wednesday so I called her back and she had let me know my voicemail was full (honestly the first person I think to say this to me, which is crazy considering the next parts of this tragedy. ok, I am being dramatic when I say tragedy) My brother (Thank you, Tyler) told me you can't just delete your messages you have to clear them. So I did just that! Easy peasy. Crisis averted, right?

Wrong. Just so wrong.

I have been paranoid all this week as far as messages, I cleared ALL those deleted messages so I figured I was golden. Today, I had 2 local numbers call and not leave a vm which happens all the time bc HEL-LO Shadlee your VM has been full, but I didn't know that.

The calls today were telemarketers as they usually are. However, paranoid as I am I called my phone to make sure there was room for messages, and it was full! FULL.

I deleted dozens of messages last week AND Cleared them, I only had SEVEN in my inbox. What the McCaughnahey was happening?

After frantic freak out mode, I learned another piece of the puzzle. You have to go to settings and set message deletion to immediately. They have several options, one of which was "Never" and luckily and unfortunately for me...mine was set to 30 days. Which means I would have had to wait 21 more days before they deleted.

I feel so terrible because why are there so many steps to delete messages? Has my VM been full since 2016? I think it has been.

I just assumed someone would say "hey your vm is full" no one did or they did but I kept randomly getting messages and deleting them so I said "I think your wrong" (hard swallow here)

So I hope I didn't miss out on meeting amazing clients who become friends because deleting messages is a 4 step system...

I guess we can call this a PSA.

P.S. I hope to have a new website up and running in a week and I hope you will check it out and share the love with people friends and family.

Rant over.

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HEL-LO, your voicemail is full!

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