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One of those weeks...

you know when you have one of "those" weeks, The kind where not only are you shooting a wedding in possible pouring rain, but your back is on the verge of "going out"

Yes, I know my back does not actually go out, where would it go? (ha)

I have been in pain for 2 weeks though, it finally feels like it is on the mend.

Still it has been a couple weeks full of doozy's.

I am not exaggerating when I say these last 2 weeks...EVERY DAY of these last 2 weeks I was one or two days ahead of myself, yesterday I thought today was FRIDAY...FRIDAY?

It was only Tuesday and good lord have I kept thinking that. Tonight I came home and was talking about tomorrow plans and Ryan said "Shadlee, it is only Wednesday?"

I know it is a little inconvenience but to have 2 full weeks of being a couple days a head really throws off everything.

Anyway it has been crazy.

So has your week been one of "those weeks?"

As promised, a photo from a few years ago as i build up my blog posting...

My editing style has done a full circle from 2015, I used to be obsessed with light and airy and now I finally found my match. I love more dark and moody edits, BUT I really love dark and airy in the country because you associate airy with open fields, I love that because I like to go against the grain of "cool"

anyway, 4 years ago this is how I edited.

#edits #shadleemeinkephotography #full180 #lightandairy #to #darkandmoody #davenportsessions #greencouch #teal #trees #lincolnnebraska

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