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All of us have value

You guys!

I had the most incredible conversation with this client, we were talking about past relationships and what not.

How I never really felt free or worth anything until I met Ryan, When I found out I was infertile - how soul crushing that was for me and how I had actually broke from it.

Ryan couldn't love me enough to fix it, so I had to fix it myself. Because of infertility and broken relationships I seeked help and discovered that infertility was a small part of my brokenness - My self esteem was in the toilet.

I worked on affirmations and treating myself with dignity and respect and let me tell you, the work I did poured into all facets of my life. It help me mentally, physically, spiritually. It helped my business with not letting people take advantage of me or my services. It helped me feel worthy of this job that means so much to me. It made me get certified in boudoir education. It made me a better lover, wife, friend and employee.

She had also found a love from another that gave her these qualities and the value to love herself!

I know I have told this story often but it just meant so much to me, I now offer professional retouching for client orders, when this beautiful babe stepped into my studio I had not learned it yet. She wanted her tan lines removed and I said "I can not do that but I will pay someone who can" becuase I want all my clients 100% satisfied.

As we were going through the photos she said and I quote "You know what? Leave it. That's just me"

I am pretty sure I yelped - That exact response is all I want for each of my clients.

To come in and be nervous and unsure and to leave accepting all their beauty. Because it is just who you are and you are beautiful!

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