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I had my website done in 2012, 7 years ago. I was going to keep it - though I thought it needed an upgrade, I am always spinning my wheels with everything else running a business that I just decided it could wait...IDK what happened, but it broke or I broke it? My amazing friend, Vinnie has always come to my rescue with it and he said he could fix it again.

I just thought to myself as I read his kind message of hope yet again "I can't keep making him fix a website that I can not do a thing with by myself, I have got to get something I can actually navigate WITHOUT tears, screams and google searches."

and friends, I did just that. It took me a week to design and get things how I want, but I think it is pretty great.

Take a look around and than let's get together and create your love story!

As promised in my first blog, I am posting old school photos for giggles and kicks :)

#sun #shadleemeinkephotography #lincolnnebraska #plaid #lincoln #nebraska #midwest #photography #minisession #photosession #buylocal #suit #tie #buttons

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