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I know I am my biggest critic and I imagine the same is for you. 

You deserve to look in the mirror, at a photo album or pictures of yourself and say "Damn, I am beautiful. I have worth and value." 

Boudoir is my biggest passion because there is nothing more beautiful than being that mirror for another woman. The mirror that shows her just how incredible she truly is.

Your body is an amazing, complex, intricate gift.  Every battle scar attached to it tells YOUR story like nothing else can. 

Let's head on a journey of self discovery and self love. Together.  

I want my photography to be a safe haven where women can come to take a stand against society and say "I am worthy"

If you are nervous about others seeing your photos, don't be I take pride in protecting what my client wants, all the ladies above signed a model release to be featured. 

THE BEST PART: My sessions are pre paid - so there is no reason to not come on in and embark on your beauty.

Boudoir Photographer in Lincoln, Nebraska 

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